Data visualizations

Where city employees live

The majority of Glendale employees don’t live in the city, according to a database I received after I filed a public records act request. That database included about 2,300 people who got paychecks from the city–that’s a lot of people to highlight. Instead of focusing on where employees live in the story, I emphasized why workers don’t want to, or can’t, live  in Glendale. I created a map to do the number spotlighting for me.

Few city employees live in Glendale

Campaign fundraising

When reporting on campaign finances, I always have this image of readers rubbing their temples, an adverse reaction to math. For the visual learners among us, I thought it would be a good addition to create an interactive graphic showing campaign fundraising during the first reporting period for a June 2014 City Council election.

Top fundraisers for Glendale council seat

Organ donors

For me, reporting that the city of Glendale honored organ donor recipients wasn’t enough. I wanted to focus on the fact that Glendale had a low donor rate. To help me out, I put together a map showing the percentage of people from each LA County DMV location who signed up to be organ donors.

Glendale lacks organ donors

Water bills

The city of Glendale always tends to announce its proposed utility rate increases using percentages for average “revenue increases,” so to actually show readers on how these “revenue increases” would impact their wallets, I created an interactive visualization showing monthly bill changes over time for four customer types.

Monthly water bills may increase


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