San Francisco’s unconventional year

>>Convention-goers steer clear due to recession

Brazil stocks cap best week since July in gains

>>Mexican shares dip on profit-taking

Mexican shares rise on Cemex advance

>>Mexico’s Central bank preps for monetary meeting

Health insurers up after Baucus says bill can pass

>>Senate Finance’s health-care bill does not include public plan

Health insurers advance as new health bill unveiled

>>Senate Finance version mandates health insurance

Canadian shares gain as energy sector rises

>>Merger of Calgary and Argentine oil producers boost sector

It takes green to make green

>>Cleantech competition leads start-ups to investors

Retailer’s hitch a ride on clunker buzz

>>Clunker copycats offer trade-in deals

California holds biggest garage sale to date

>>Governor calls on state agencies to reduce waste

Short interest sales up on NYSE

>>Investors still bet against bull market

Health insurers rally in bet against public plan

>>Managed-care stocks rise as White House rhetoric see-saws

Low gold demand points to economic recovery

>>Gold investment outpaces jewelry purchases

California closes $1.5 bln to pay off IOUs

>>J.P. Morgan purchases state’s debt

Market rebound seen softening drop in Canadian bank profits

>>Trading likely offset sour credit conditions

California to halt IOU issuance month early

>>Possible state loan to cover expenses

Heath insurer stocks fall as D.C. beefs up attack

>>Analysts say sentiments outweighs real risk


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