Covering tragedy

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2011 at 11:50 PM

Deaths are the hardest things to write about– especially if you have to break the news to someone. Today, in between writing a story about one of my cities shutting down a homeless feeding ministry and another about a property lawsuit, I had to take a turn and follow a story about a college freshman who died in a freak accident. The 18-yr-old was standing on the side of a California freeway after the car he was in stalled. A drunken driver hit his parked car, which then pushed the youth off the fwy overpass. He fell 60-feet to his death. I broke the news to a few people who knew them.  A few weeks ago I had to cover the death of a 5-yr-old who died of an incurable brain tumor, that too was heartbreaking. I find the best way to report on deaths is to be kind, quiet and listen. All we can do is represent those who died as truthfully as we can and be delicate to those left behind.


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