Afghanistan deployment, Kidnapped Chihuahua, Future of the world

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2009 at 3:38 AM

Yesterday I wrote three very different stories, but they all have to do with San Clemente. One was about how local military families are dealing with Obama’s plan to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. The other shed light on what happened to a kidnapped Chihuahua a few months later. The third parced out what city documents outline as the economic future and then compared it to what residents think in a man on the street slideshow. For more frequent updates about my work, follow me on twitter @brl87. They were all challenging in their own ways. For the Afghanistan story, the difficult task was to find the story. How do you find military spouses in the middle of the day? How do you tell this story about how it will affect them? After calling several sources and asking around, I found a few apartments filled to the brim with Marines and their spouses. The women invited me into their homes after I knowcked on their doors explaining that I wanted to tell the story of how they are coping with the announcement. As for Minnie, the Chihuahua, I had to deal with lots of hish-hush secrets about the pup’s whereabouts because her kidnapper is still on the loose and pet advocates feared for her safety. And the crystal ball story meant trudging through pages of city documents to get at what this new plan means for the city. People always want to know what’s next and I wanted to show them what data predicts to be the future for area jobs, housing and businesses.

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