California cuts fat: sells aerobics pads, signed cars

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2009 at 12:45 AM

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger became Neecy Nash of TLC’s Clean House recently: he ordered workers to clean up the state’s cluttered closets and sell it all at a garage sale.

After too many government employees started taking agency cars home at night, independent agencies said stop: this is wasteful. The Governor thought so too and signed an executive order declaring that 15% of the state’s fleet must go. And in order to entice buyers to buy the state’s clunkers, Schwarzenegger signed a few of them–he got the idea from an Australian via Twitter.

The state also hauled out old dental chairs from the Department of Corrections and pianos from the Department of Parks. The wares will be sold at the Great California Garage Sale on Friday and Saturday. The cars must be bid on, but most items like a confiscated surfboard ($100) and aerobics platforms ($10) are fixed price. More than 6,000 items should gross about $1.2 million for the state, which has been strapped for cash lately as it started paying bills with IOUs.

Read my full story about the sale.

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